luni, 22 noiembrie 2010

Ne jucam:5 luni, saptamana a 3-a

Saptamana trecuta am experimentat cate ceva: o zi de culori, o zi de texturi, o zi de sunete...m-am gandit sa le extind si sa le exersez timp de o saptamana pe fiecare, cu reluarea a ceea ce am facut deja cand piciul da semne ca le-ar vrea.


Saptamana asta ne vom familiariza cu niste sunete, la 5 luni si un pic trebuie sa fie tare interesante:
-muzica linistitoare
-fosnet de hartie, de celofan, apa picurand/curgand
-diverse lucruri lovindu-se: lemn, plastic, tabla, sticla
-diverse ritmuri: ta-ta. ta-ta-ta
-fluierat, vocale prelungi
-un xilofon de jucarie, un ceas micut de masa

miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

benzina vs. motorina

cu cca 2 saptamani in urma, trecand pe langa petrom:
- si tati pune benzina la masina...
eu, neavand ce face:
-tati pune motorina, ca masina lui tati merge cu motorina.
-ba nuuuu, sa puna benzinaaaa...(si jale mare, mare).
si ma apuc sa-i explic copilului ca motorina e un fel de benzina, dar mai buna :), ca unele masini merg cu benzina si altele cu motorina, etc.


in urma cu cca 3 zile, cu totii, la benzinarie, sa alimentam:
- ce face tati?
eu: pune benzina! (vai ce inconsecventa pe mine, inconstient...)
- pai NUUUU, sa nu puna benzina, sa puna motorina!!!

lectia de marketing

in seara asta ne-am jucat de-a comertul, bugetele, etc. adica eu "vindeam" legume si altele, iar david le cumpara, cu monezi reale. cand se terminau, il trimiteam la munca, sa faca bani (sa vada ca totusi banii nu cresc in borcan).

-vreau sa iau si ceapa
-pai nu mai ai bani si de ceapa.
-mai da-mi bani!
-nu pot sa-ti dau eu, du-te si munceste. cine crezi tu ca-ti da bani de pomana?
-mamele dau bani de pomana.

s-a dus sa "munceasca" apoi s-a intors si a mai facut ceva cumparaturi, apoi catre mine:
- mami, am cumparat si suc!
-inseamna ca ai avut multi bani...
-ba inseamna ca am muncit mult!

marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

cine se aseamana...

- tati, uite, vaca asta seamana cu tine! si piticul asta seamana cu mami!
- da? cum seamana cu mami??
- pai e asa, urat!

marți, 9 noiembrie 2010

Flori de toamna

luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

david ma "tundea" cu o foarfeca de plastic, eu tineam capul pe pieptul lui in pat si el "tundea" la mine. cica:
"mami, ma barbieresc" .
aseara, ne pregateam sa mergem pana la medic. si in graba, pun si eu mana pe pieptan sa ma tesal un pic.

david: - oo, mami, ce frumoasa esti
am picat pe spate, la cum ma lauda copilul. si dau sa-l pieptan si pe el, zburlitul forever:
- nuuuuu, nu ma pieptana, eu SUNT DEJA FRUMOS!!


sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010

Ne jucam: 5 luni - prima saptamana

My photo album

Recognising familiar faces (including your own) is an enormous treat for your baby as he learns to identify people by name and association.

Skills developed: pattern recognition, fine motor

What you'll need: a small photo album - the type where the photos slide into clear plastic pockets.

Buy a small photo album and fill it with pictures of your baby and the people in his life. In addition to relatives and family friends (the most typical photo subjects), try to include pictures of babysitters or caregivers, neighbours, and other babies and children you know.

Give the album to your baby and tell him it's his very own. Sit with him and show him the photos, letting him communicate his feelings to you. He'll react to the familiar ones with excitement and point out any faces he doesn't recognise with a questioning expression. Then put the album on his bookshelf or in his toy box, where he can flip through it on his own. It'll quickly become a favourite - and a parents’ lifesaver on plane trips and long car rides.

Game, set and match

You've probably noticed that your baby loves to watch anything that involves people and movement, so sports are naturally fascinating. It's a challenge for her to follow the constant changes; now the ball's here - ooh, nope, now it's over there …

Skills developed: visual

What you'll need: a local football pitch, netball or tennis court complete with players.

If your local sports centre or park has a football pitch, netball or tennis court, find out when they are most frequently used then take your baby along for a little spectator sport. Sit her on your lap or park her buggy somewhere where she will have a good, unobstructed view of the game. Whether it's the colourful shirts of the players or the regular thwunk of the ball hitting the court, your baby will be intrigued. Do watch out for stray balls though and be ready to spring into action if necessary.

sursa: babycentre

Ne jucam: 4 luni si 4 saptamani

Pass the hat

Your baby loves the unexpected because she's a constant studier of life; when things change, she gets to figure them out all over again. A game of “pass the hat” will send her into giggles of surprised delight.

Skills developed: sense of cause and effect

What you'll need: a selection of different hats.

This game is great to play at a family gathering or when you have friends around but your baby will also enjoy it if its just you and your husband or older children putting on the show. Pass around a variety of different-looking hats (you can improvise with objects from around the house if you are short of proper headwear) and get everyone to try one on. This alone will make your baby laugh, but that's just the beginning. Encourage everyone to stand in a line in front of your baby or in a circle around her, and, at the sound of some sort of signal (a whistle, bell, or just someone shouting, "Change!"), get each person to pass his or her hat to the next person in line. If your baby is not shy, include her in the line-up: each hat goes on her head for a moment before being passed along.

Mr Moon

As your baby becomes more attuned to the world around him, changes in weather and other natural phenomena become an endless source of wonder. Check your calendar for the next full-moon phase and show him this special spectacle when the time is right.

Skills developed: awareness of the natural world

What you'll need: a full or almost-full moon visible in daylight.

On a day when the full moon is visible before nightfall, point it out to your baby and show him the man in the moon. Point to the sun as well, then sing this little song (you can make up your own melody), acting it out as you go along. "Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon, you're out too soon, the sun is still in the sky. Go back to your bed and cover up your head, and wait until the day goes by." Point to the moon when you mention it, cover your face with your hands or a towel at the words, "cover up your head," then mimic going to sleep on folded hands at the end. Make this a regular ritual and when he's older, your child won't be able to see the sun and moon together in the sky without thinking of you and hearing this ditty in his head.

joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

Povesti, pe foarte scurt

- Si lupul le-a mancat pe Bunicuta si pe Scufita Rosie...
- Pai de ce?
- Pentru ca erau taaare bune!


-Mami, te gandesti si tu la ce ma gandesc si eu?

marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

Administrarea fierului la bebelusi

Se da profilactic in perioada 6-12 luni ale lui bebe cate 1 sau 2 mg /kg corp / zi.

1 picatura = 2,5 mg.